CyberSecurity Solutions


Managed Detection and Response – MDR

Security threats continue to evolve, yet most organizations remain reliant on reactive, technology based, security solutions to protect their most valuable assets. Technology alone does not fully protect against a determined attacker. And it is difficult and costly to find, hire, train and retain security experts, especially those who specialize in finding covert threats.


Tailor made solutions

7Layers couples best-in-class technologies with experienced cyber security analysts, ensuring the best solutions in terms of protection, price, coverage and effectiveness.

Sicurezza difensiva

Defensive Security:

Designing, implementing and managing cybersecurity solutions in the most challenging environments in the information technology, SOC and MDR services

Sicurezza Offensiva

Offensive Security:

Vulnerability assessment, penetration test, code review, phishing simulation, darkweb investigation



Gap analysis, digital risk and social media reputation



Security awareness, security program development


USA, Europe and Asia. Follow The Sun

A global network of cybersecurity experts available 24/7. We offer simple and flexible support programs to maximize the value of your security products and services. With office in the USA, Italy and Hong Kong, we can offer a complete follow the sun coverage acting as an extension of your team and protecting your assets on a continuous basis.


Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover

These five functions represent the five primary pillars for a successful cybersecurity program. They aid organizations in easily expressing their management of cybersecurity risk at a high level and develop a cybersecurity defensive strategy.

Prevent, Detect, Protect & Respond More

Technology Platform Overview

We are constantly adding to this list, looking for best-of-breed solutions.