Code of Ethics and Model 231

The Code of Ethics defines the set of values and principles that inspire all people who work for 7Layers and represents our main rule of conduct within the complex corporate governance measures required today by businesses.

Download here 7Layers Code of Ethics

7layers adopts an Organization, Management and Control Model according to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, which represents the summary document of organizational rules and procedures that can reduce the risk of commission of crimes.

Download here 7Layers 231 model (link to document)

The Board of Directors has also appointed a Supervisory Body with autonomous powers of initiative and control, in compliance with the law, with supervisory tasks on the effectiveness and adequacy of the Model.

For communications to the Supervisory Body:

Whistleblowing: reporting irregularities

7Layers has adopted the Whistleblowing Policy of the parent company Fastweb SpA which, in compliance with the Legislative Decree 24/23, allows to report illegal conduct  (violations of law, internal procedures, other irregularities to the detriment of the company) through dedicated channels, ensuring management of confidential reports and protection of Whistleblower.

The following channels are available for sending a report:

Web: Computing platform accessible from public Internet network that ensures anonymity:
Posta: Fastweb SpA c/o Casella Postale n° 129 - Via A. Oggioni, 76 - 20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
Voice mail: Call +41 79 719 38 68